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There Is A Place



There is a PLACE, just one Place, that the Almighty has chosen as His habitation. A Place that He expects His covenant people to seek out to also live there. (Deut.12:5-7)

There is a PLACE, just one Place, where every believer will be totally protected in spirit, soul and body, on condition that they remain there. (Ps.91:1)

There is a PLACE, just one Place, that the enemy who is walking around like a roaring lion seeking for believers to devour (1Pet.5:8), cannot under any circumstances penetrate in order to wreak havoc and sow destruction. He cannot and will never be permitted to enter that Place.

There is a PLACE, just one Place, where the Almighty will not allow the believer who remains in it to be attacked. It is absolutely safe in that place. (Ps.17:8-9, 27:5 & 143:9)

There is a PLACE, just one Place, where no evil shall reach you, and no plague or sickness shall come near your dwelling. The condition is that you remain inside that PLACE. (Ps.91:10)

There is a PLACE, just one Place, that very few believers have knowledge of, and are thus not safely ensconsed therein. Of these He sadly says: My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge. (Hos.4:6)

There is a PLACE, just one Place, that is almost empty. Only a remnant of His covenant children have discovered this wonderful PLACE in their search for truth. (Mat.7:14 & 22:14). Having found it, they determindly stay there.

There is a PLACE, just one Place, that our loving Creator wants to reveal to each one of His children if they have a desire to seek for it with all of their heart. (Jer.29:13-14). We cannot bluff Him. He knows every heart, and knows those who have a deep desire to find this special PLACE where He is. He also knows the hearts of those that are not really interested in an intimate relationship with Him. (Jer.29:9-14)

This is a spiritual PLACE, but also a literal PLACE (formed with letters, much like a house is formed with bricks). Inside this PLACE a believer is untouchable in his or her spirit, soul or body. The Creator Himself protects all those that are in it.

This PLACE is literally the Secret Place of the Most High, and the Strong Tower in which His intimate ones are totally safe.

Have you, beloved of YaHUaH, found this wonderful PLACE?



We are a husband and wife in covenant with ABBA YaHuWaH. Together we are taking the truth of Scripture to the Nations through our personal studies of the Paleo Aleph Bet and how that applies to scripture for our lives. It is our earnest prayer that you take whatever you want to from this site and study it out for yourselves. We have inherited LIES from our fathers and the translations of today are riddled with error and watered down doctrine from men each trying to sell their agenda of their denomination. It is time for the houses of Ephraim and Yahudah to wake up and unite. `•.¸ ☆ Shalom Aleichem !!!´¯`•.¸☆¸.• ´¯`•.¸☆ “GIVE EAR, O heavens, and I [Moses] will speak; and let the earth hear the words of my mouth. My message shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distill as the dew, as the light rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb. For I will proclaim the name [and presence] of YaHuWaH. Concede and ascribe greatness to our Elohim. He is the Rock, His work is perfect, for all His ways are law and justice. A Elohim of faithfulness without breach or deviation, just and right is He.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭32:1-4‬ Abba YaHuWaH is calling His people from the four corners of the earth to return to Him.

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