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Is The Law Of Moses Valid For Today?

Vintage tone of man reading the Holy Bible.

Is the “Law of Moses” Valid for Today?

But their minds were blinded; for until this day
the same veil remains untaken away in reading the Old Testament;
which veil is done away in Messiah.
But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.
Nevertheless when they shall turn to YaHuWaH,
the veil shall be taken away.

Dear friend,

You ask my interpretation of 2Cor.3:14-16. Well, I will do my utmost to share Scriptureʼs interpretation for our own interpretation, which in any case is forbidden, is usually the result of our preconceived ideas. But before I share with you, allow me to first give my testimony with regard to this specific text.

Personal testimony is always good for it is a practical example of how the Ruach (Spirit) works with each one and gives guidance through the Scriptures.

Before my testimony, I want to share a word that I have just read.

It is frightening, and therefore I have an urgency to share the importance of our Fatherʼs Torah with His children.

Hold me up and I shall be saved,
and I will respect Your laws continually.
You have trodden down all those that turn from Your statutes;
for their deceit is falsehood.
You put away all the wicked of the earth like dross;
therefore I love Your testimonies.
My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments.

The loving Father of John 3:16 “treads down” people and “puts them away”, treating them like dross??? Thatʼs not what I say, it is clearly stated in His Word which is forever settled in heaven, (Ps.119:89). But He only destroys those who decide to turn away from His Laws or Torah. And yes, He knows every heart, also those hearts that despise His Torah. In stark contrast verse 117 says that those who are saved (through believing in Messiahʼs death on their behalf) will always have respect for His Laws – they will abide by them, guard and keep them.

In Messiah Yahusha the Fatherʼs incomprehensible love is perfect and complete. We will never fully understand His love. It is not cheap. It is a love that expects us to worship Him on His conditions. From His human-creatures He demands obedience to His Instructive teachings that, in love, He provided for our own good. In His amazing grace He also provides us with the ability to walk in obedience. No true believer can afford to ignore the following verses. They are the words of the same Mighty One (Elohim) that revealed His love to us in John 3:16. Also, it confirms Psalm 119:118 quoted above.

Know therefore that YaHuWaH your Elohim, He is Elohim,
the faithful Elohim who keeps covenant and mercy
with them that love Him and keep His commandments
to a thousand generations;
And He repays them that hate Him to their face, to destroy them.
He will not be slack to him that hates Him,
He will repay him to his face.
You shall therefore keep the commandments, and the statutes,
and the judgments, which I command you this day, to do them.
Therefore it shall come to pass,
if you listen to these judgments, and keep, and do them,
that YaHuWaH your Elohim shall keep unto you
the covenant and the mercy that He swore unto your fathers.

Notice He states that the Torah will be kept for a thousand generations. If a generation is at least 40 years, then a thousand generations will be at least 40,000 years. Human history, according to Scripture has been about 6000 years. The Torah will be abided by for a long long time to come – throughout the thousand year Messianic Kingdom on this earth, which is only about 25 generations. In other words, just as Messiahʼs instructions to forgive 70 X 7 does not mean that we have to keep account and stop forgiving when we reach 490, so a thousand generations of Torah observance is in reality forever.

Did you know that the Creator also regards some prayers as abominable? That sounds unbelievable, doesnʼt it? And yet it is true if we regard the Word as being truth.

He that turns away his ear from hearing the Torah
even his prayer shall be abomination.

Now how do such verses relate to 2 Corinthians 3:14-16? This so-called New Testament portion of Scripture is an apparent big problem for us who are striving to return to the Torah of YaHuWaH. I ask this question for at a first reading of the Corinthian text it seems as if anyone who reads the Old Testament, and specifically the “Law of Moses”, have a veil over their heart (mind). This means that they will not understand the Scriptures correctly. If, just by reading His instructions and commands, the result will be a veil over our hearts that blind our understanding, how will it ever be possible to walk in obedience to these instructions?

This interpretation is totally illogical and unacceptable. For if anyone wants to understand any subject, regardless of what it is, then that subject needs to be read and studied. Therefore it is actually the reading of Moses and the Old Testament that is the first step toward understanding it and therefore also understanding the rest of Scripture. A correct understanding of the New Testament is only possible within the context of its foundation – the Law and the Prophets. Scripture says that the new will be revealed from the old, (Is.41:26 & 46:10).

Then what about 2Cor.3:14-16? Well, before attempting to let Scripture interpret itself in this regard, allow me to share my personal testimony concerning the veil over the heart when Moses is read.

My Testimony:

It was in 1981, soon after my family and I broke away from the Dutch Reformed Church, that these verses from the second Corinthian letter became a “revelation” to me. One Sunday morning, in the Charismatic congregation where we became committed, the pastor preached on this text and actually blinded my eyes to the truth without me even being aware of it. It was then, through listening to man without also studying the Scriptures for myself, that a veil was placed over my mind with regard to the true understanding of Scripture.

Suddenly it was a “revelation” to me that the Old Testament, and specifically the “Law of Moses” was the reason for the lack of life that permeated most churches. The reading of the Old Testament veiled their spiritual eyes. That was my so-called “revelation”.

From that time I turned my back on most of the Old Testament and  totally on the five books of Moses. I blamed these “legalistic” books for my struggle to really comprehend the Scriptures. That was my reasoning. Every Sunday morning the Dutch Reformed congregations would read the Ten Commandments or the summary thereof.

Then the minister would explain just how bad sinners we were, but that in Christ we were set free from sin. Although it was never expressly mentioned, the concepts of SIN and LAW were bound together. In effect they became synonymous in our “veiled” minds. That is how the “sheep” understood it.

I can still clearly remember as a young deacon on one particular occasion that I approached our minister and asked him: “What do we believe?” It never occurred to me to ask this question personally of my Father and then search the Scriptures for answers. Now, many years later, I know that it is not the LAW that is SIN, but rather LAWLESSNESS – disobedience to the LAW that is SIN, 1John 3:4.

When the charismatic pastor “opened” these verses in second Corinthians for us that Sunday morning, I suddenly understood it all (or so I thought), and from then began to despise the “Law of Moses” and to a lessor degree, the Prophets. I just sought out the good promises in the Old Testament – including the nice ones in the five books of Moses and held on to them for dear life, (how totally blind I was). I never recognized that every promise was invariably linked to a condition of obedience to the despised Law.

Isnʼt it ironic that it was the rejection of the Law that veiled my mind, and brought spiritual darkness into my heart. From then on I began to preach against the “cursed Law”. I never knew that “Law” was a weak translation of the Hebrew word Torah which could be more accurately translated as INSTRUCTIONS or TEACHINGS to point and guide one towards RIGHTEOUSNESS (right living).

May YaHuWaH forgive me for the darkness that, in ignorance, I sowed into the hearts and minds of precious believers. May He now use me as His instrument to lift the veil caused by ignorance. This is my personal testimony, therefore I can share it freely without judging anyone else. At that time I became friends with one of the prominent “Grace” teachers of South Africa. These people almost worship GRACE and hate the Torah. They are extremely well-spoken and their “teachings” come almost exclusively from the writings of Paul. It was truly the grace of my heavenly Father that prevented me and my family from getting caught up in the web of this “hyper grace” cultic movement.

Is the “Law of Moses” a Veil?:

If this is how we interpret it, then more questions are created than answered. For the whole of Scripture of which the five books of Moses are the foundation, teaches us that the Torah (Instructions of YaHuWaH for righteous living – Ps.119:1) is LIGHT. Look at Proverbs 6:23 for example.

and the Torah is LIGHT,
and admonishment of INSTRUCTION are the WAY of LIFE.

The seven words that I have capitalized in this significant verse are all synonymous with Torah.

David, the man after the heart of the Father, teaches us that the Torah (YaHuWaHʼs WORD) is literally the LAMP that enlightens the WAY to LIFE, Ps.119:105. In another place he says: For with You is the FOUNTAIN of LIFE; in Your LIGHT shall we see LIGHT. Ps.36:9. How then is it possible that this LIGHT could ever be a veil that covers and darkens the heart and mind? How can LIGHT cause darkness? Utterly impossible! If there was the slightest bit of truth in this, then Scripture is speaking in circles.

The very first creative words spoken by the Almighty was: LET THERE BE LIGHT. With those words He forever put in place the physics “law” that LIGHT would always expel (totally annihilate) darkness. Where there is LIGHT, darkness just cannot exist. This first “Word” of the Creator that is recorded in Scripture, is literally Him inserting Himself into His physical creation. He is creationʼs LIGHT – the very Source of it. Four thousand years after He, in Spirit, accessed His creation, that same WORD (LIGHT) became flesh in the Person of Messiah Yahusha, Joh.1:14. He is the WORD. He is the LIGHT. He is the LIFE giving Torah. For that reason the prophet warns so urgently:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness… (Is.5:20)

If the Torah is YaHuWaHʼs LIGHT for mankind as the Scriptures constantly affirm, then the above verse is a serious warning to those who teach that it is not good for us – a curse – that plunges us into darkness. That is why they also teach that Messiah Himself abolished it. Imagine that? He came to extinguish His Fatherʼs LIGHT to this world!

To believe that the Torah causes darkness is exactly the same as saying: “Please switch off the light so that I can see to read the New Testament”. Absolute nonsense and foolishness!

And yet we “see” in the New Testament that the reading of the Torah apparently places a veil over our understanding. But actually it makes much better logical sense that those who walk in the LIGHT of Torah are the ones who understand the Scriptures as a whole – that the entire Scripture is a single unit (WORD) that does not contradict itself. If we understand Scripture to be a perfect ONENESS (Heb. ECHAD), as its Author is ONE (Deut.6:4 & Joh.10:30), then we will see that the Torah is in actual fact the revelation of His grace and incredible compassion, forgiveness, loving-kindness, magnanimity and beneficence towards all, including the very ones who despise His Torah, if they were to turn (repent) from their wicked (Torahless) ways – and NOT the other way around as so many teach. Consider the following verses:

And YaHuWaH descended in the cloud,
and stood with him (Mosheh) there,
and proclaimed the Name of YaHuWaH.
And YaHuWaH passed by before him, and proclaimed,
YaHuWaH, YaHuWaH Elohim, merciful and gracious,
longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth.
Keeping mercy for thousands,
forgiving iniquity (Lawlessness) and transgression and sin,
and who will by no means clear the guilty…

This is precisely what John the Immerser explained with regard to the Messiahʼs mission – the very same ONE who spoke those astonishing words to Mosheh on the mountain:

And of His fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.
For the Torah was given by Mosheh,
but grace and truth came by Yahusha Messiah.
(John 1:16-17)

This text does not teach us that the so-called Old Testament has become obsolete and done away with by Messiah. As a matter of fact it is the Torah and the Prophets that furnishes absolute proof that Yahusha is the Messiah – the Great LIGHT that shines in the darkness, Is.9:2 & Mat.4:16. If reading the Torah was a veil, how then would we ever recognize Yahusha as the Messiah?

Paul says:

For at one time you were darkness,
but now you are LIGHT in YaHuWaH; walk as children of LIGHT.
For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;
Proving what is acceptable unto YaHuWaH.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
but rather reprove them.

Why, with Yahushaʼs transfiguration on the mountain, did Mosheh who represented the Torah, and EliYahu (Elijah) who represented the Prophets, appear with Him? That incident by itself is ample proof that the Tanakh (OT) writings reveal Him as the Messiah of Yisra’El. Without these writings we would never have known Him.

What is happening today as a result of “the Law is a curse” teaching, is that people are following the false, Lawless Jesus Christ. They are not following the true Messiah Yahusha who observed and fulfilled His Fatherʼs beloved Torah one hundred percent on behalf of every believer. The concept of “the Law is fulfilled” is the concept of Grace – that He, through perfect obedience, accomplished Torah observance “in” us. Therefore, the written Torah was given through Mosheh, and GRACE (fulfilling and revealing Torah in us) came to fruition through Yahusha Messiah.

I was guilty of using 2 Corinthians 3:14-16 to write-off the Foundation of Scripture. What is more I taught others so.

I believe that this text can and should be interpreted as follows. No one can understand Scripture outside of the revelation of it by the Spirit of Truth – the Anointing (Mashiach) that comes “in” the Name of Yahusha, Joh.14:26. Allow me to enlarge on that statement, for most believers would agree with it and yet there are several opposing interpretations of the 2Cor.3 portion that we are looking at.

We know that the Spirit is the Anointing according to YeshaYaHU (Isaiah) 61:1 & Luke 4:18. Therefore only the Spirit of Truth will reveal the truth to the seeker after truth. Naturally all these contrary interpretations look good and right as they were designed by the enemy to confuse. But they are false. How can we be certain what the truth is? There is only one way. The true interpretation will be the one that is revealed by the Spirit of Truth.

The question is: How can we recognize the Spirit of Truth? It will be the one that does not contradict Scripture. Or put in another way: The Spirit of Truth will never be contradicted by any Scripture. Why will He never be contradicted by or contradict Scripture? Because He is the Author of Scripture. Yahusha, the Living Word (Scripture) – His written Word was inspired by His Spirit. (2Pet.1:21).

Every interpretation of this text that I have heard, contradicts a large body of Scripture. Therefore they do not originate from the Spirit of Truth, and are therefore not the true interpretation. Briefly every false interpretation can be summarized as follows:

If any person, Christian or non Christian, exerts himself to the study of the Old Testament and especially the five books of Mosheh, his mind will be veiled and he will not understand the New Testament which does away with the Old Testament of the Jews.

Now I want to say something very radical that I believe to be truth that is confirmed by Scripture. If the Name of Messiah is the Anointing (Set-Apart Character, Power, Authority and Presence) of the King, according to Ex.3:14-15, Song.1:3, Mar.16:15-18 and Mat.18:20, then a false name, created by man and given to the King, will create a false anointing. Then it is understandable that those who believe in and sentimentally cling to “Jesus Christ” being the name of the Hebrew Messiah, will invariably believe in and proclaim a “lawless gospel”.

It was the true Name that was proclaimed without apology by His disciples both during His earthly ministry and after His ascension, Mar. 6:14 & Acts 3:16, 4:7, 10, 12, 17 & 30, 5:28, 9:14-16 & 21.

The title Messiah can be attached to both the Anointed Person, as well the actual Anointing of that Person – The Anointed One and His Anointing. Therefore when Scripture speaks of Yahusha Messiah (Heb. Yahusha haMashiach and Jesus Christ in our Bible translations) then it is telling us that the Person with the Name Yahusha is Anointed, and also that the Name Yahusha is the Anointing. Is that not precisely what Song 1:3 is teaching us? The Renewed Covenant book of Acts also confirms this concept.

Remember how Kefa (Peter) and Yahuchanan (John) healed man who was born crippled, at the temple entrance? That miracle was performed in the Name of Yahusha. But it is interesting and most significant that when Kefa actually ministered to this man through spoken words, the title Messiah (Anointing) was attached to the Name Yahusha, which is the Anointing. After this miracle Kefa takes the opportunity to address the crowds that had gathered.

But you denied the Holy One and the Just,
and desired that a murderer be granted unto you:
And killed the Prince of life, whom Elohim has raised from the dead:
of which we are witnesses.
And His Name through faith in His Name has made this man strong,
whom you see and know;
yes, the faith which is by Him
has given him this perfect healing in the presence of you all.
(Acts 3:14-16)

This incident resulted in the arrest of the two disciples. When they appeared before the Jewish religious council (Sanhedrin), Kefa, with great boldness testified of the Power and Authority vested in this Anointed Name after they were distinctly asked about it.

And when they had set them in the midst, they asked;
By what Power, or by what Name, have you done this?
Then Kefa, filled with the Set-apart Spirit, said unto them,
You rulers of the people, and elders of Israel.
If we this day be examined of the good deed done to the cripple man,
by what means he was made whole;
Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel,
that by the Name of Yahusha Messiah of Nazareth,
whom you impaled, whom Elohim raised from the dead,
even by Him does this man sand here before you whole.
This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders,
which is become the head of the corner.
Neither is there salvation in any other;
for there is no other name under heaven given among men,
whereby we must be saved.
(Acts 4:7-12)

Messiah (Anointing) Yahusha is the Person who bears the Name that is both the Corner Stone and the Foundation upon which must be built.

Now therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners,
but fellow citizens with the set-apart ones,
and of the household of Elohim.
And are built upon the Foundation of the apostles and prophets,
Yahusha Messiah Himself being the Chief Corner Stone.
In whom all the building fitly framed together
grows unto a set-apart temple in YaHuWaH.

The prophets of whom are spoken here include Mosheh, Deut.18:15. Therefore the Torah (Living Word Yahusha, Joh.1:1 & 14) is the only Foundation (1Cor.3:11), and His Name, the only Corner Stone (Acts 4:11-12). There is no other, Acts 4:12. “Jesus” is another name. In this “other” name people preach against the Torah of YaHuWaH, and lawless pagan festivals such as Christmas and Easter are promoted.

Of course the enemy knows all this, that is why he uses religion and religious leaders to try and destroy the Name above all names. From our perspective he nearly succeeded. It is in this “other name” Jesus that the Torah (Law) is despised and written off by virtually the whole of Christendom.

What does all this have to do with 2Cor.3:14-16? Well, that text clearly says that the misunderstanding (veil over the mind) of the Old Testament can only be taken away by “Christ”. Letʼs now replace “Christ” with Messiah, and Messiah with Anointing, and Anointing with the Name – of course the true Name Yahusha not Jesus.

Thus, when we have the Key of His true Name, and use it, then this great veil of misunderstanding that the Torah is a curse and not valid for us any longer, will be taken away. If only Christians would accept Messiahʼs true Name (the true Anointing) and walk in it (Zech.10:12), while at the same time rejecting the false name (Jesus and the “Jesus is Lord” slogan), their eyes would be opened and they will see that the Torah is a living book of great value for their spiritual lives.

Both Christianity in general, and Judaism reject the true Name, therefore unknowingly the true Anointing of the Creator. Therefore it is these two religious institutions and their followers whose minds are veiled. The early Messianic congregation, under the guidance of the Spirit (Acts 15:28), recommended that new believers initially be taught to observe (obey) certain necessary Torah instructions. These believers would then later, during Shabbat meetings get to know the rest of the Torah teachings, Acts 15:17-21.

My personal experience is that the veil of misunderstanding the Torah of YaHuWaH was slowly but surely removed from my mind since I received the revelation of the Name and its significance.

Speaking the truth in love

Written and shared with us by our beloved brother Johann Moller

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A Prophet’s Name 2


☆˜”*❊დ❊⁀˚✲.‿✲ A Prophet’s Name ✲‿.✲˚⁀❊დ❊*”˜☆

A Follow up from the mini article: A Prophet’s Name – SheM-U-EL.

The name of this first prophet of the fledgling nation of Yisra’El makes a direct and very bold statement:

Name (of) Our EL (Mighty One)

Every time an individual of the covenant nation spoke the prophet’s name, they affirmed this important statement. In this modern age, the statement made by the prophet’s name should motivate every sincere believer to ask: Well, what is our El’s Name?

It is a question that Scripture itself asks us to seek. What is His (the Creator’s) Name, and what is His Son’s Name, do you know it? Pr.30:4b

This is one of the most controversial subjects in religious circles today. Sadly, it is also most controversial within the community of true believers – real Hebrews. Of all people, we should KNOW the (true) Name of our EL. However, the many teachers, scholars and linguists out there tell us to: “Take your pick from these names.”

Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahveh, Yaweh, Yahwah, Yahuwah, Yehovah, Yahuvah, Yahueh, Yahuah

Jesus, Jesu, Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yashua, Yahshua, Yahushua, Yahusha

Decisions, decisions…

I think the very last verse of the book of Judges was prophesying about us.

In those days there was no king in Israel: every man/woman did that which was right in their own eyes. (21:25)

The very serious inference is that either we don’t have Him as our Sovereign, or we refuse to recognize Him as such!

That verse clearly intimates that within the Almighty’s covenant people, for each of us, personal opinion takes precedence over every one else’s opinion. Then, because we know that amongst us who claim to be true covenant believers there should at least be a semblance of unity, we come up with the good-sounding “no brainer”: Let’s agree to disagree. Amongst true believers this unscriptural phrase is a contradiction in terms. Our agreement (unity) should not be based on our differences of opinion (disagreements) . It should be based on His revealed TRUTH.

In other words, where there is disagreement amongst believers with regard to essential Scriptural truths appertaining to salvation and victorious lives ruling and reigning as His bride with Him, we should as mature people, and in humility, search the Word together for the truth that sets us free. If we are led by His Ruach, that the Father incidentally sent to us in(side) Mashiach’s Name, (John 14:26), He Will reveal His One true Name (Joh.17:6), and will certainly not reveal a different name to each of us, for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, by which we are saved. Acts 4:12

With regard to what His true Name is, where will we find this revealed truth? Certainly not in my opinion or the numerous opinions of Torah teachers, Hebrew scholars, linguists or theologians of whatever religious persuasion. No, it will only be found in the Hebrew Scriptures if we search for it with all our heart. His bride will love and honour her Husband’s Name that she knows (YADA), – the knowledge that allows her the privilege of intimacy with Him. (Ps.91:14)

The prophet’s name IS NOT:
names of our El,

Name of our El.

So what is His Name?
From Scripture, Ruach will reveal the answer in the following several articles.

Written and shared with us by our beloved brother Johann Moller

☆˜”*❊დ❊⁀˚✲.‿✲ Be Blessed Beloved of Yah ✲‿.✲˚⁀❊დ❊*”˜☆

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A Prophet’s Name


☆˜”*❊დ❊⁀˚✲.‿✲ A Prophet’s Name ✲‿.✲˚⁀❊დ❊*”˜☆


His mother’s name, Hannah, means “favoured one”. She was in “bitterness of soul” because she was provoked and looked down upon by her adversary who had children while she was barren.

She responded by turning to YaHuWaH. The principle taught here is: Don’t ever fight your own battles, turn to the One who promised that He would fight for us.

Her Supplication:

“And (she) prayed unto YaHuWaH, and wept (Bakah = bemoan, complain, lament, mourn). And she vowed a vow (Nadar / Neder = a concrete thing promised to Eloheiym) and said: ‘O YaHuWaH, of hosts, if you will indeed look on the affliction of Your handmaid, and remember (Zakar = remember, be mindful of, recognize) me, and not forget Your handmaid, but will give unto Your handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto YaHuWaH all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head.’ ” 1Sam.1:10-11.

YaHuWaH’s Answer:

“And Elkanah (El has obtained) knew (YadA = intimacy) Hannah his wife, and YaHuWaH remembered (Zakar) her… and she conceived (Harah = became pregnant), and bare (Yalad) a son, and called his name SheMUEL, saying: Because I have asked him of YaHuWaH” 1Sam.1:19-20.

The interesting thing about SheMUEL’s name is that it has two meanings. The first is the meaning his mother put on it, that YaHuWaH ShMA’d (heard, heeded and granted her request). He did that because she boldly used the authority of His Name in her request, while at the same time “vowing a vow” to Him.

The second literal meaning is: Name (of) our El. – SheM (name) U (our) EL (Mighty One).

In her short vow-prayer for a son, she used the Name of YaHuWaH twice. It is His authority, and He honours sincere belief in it. Especially so from believing women who represent His bride.

Written and shared with us by our beloved brother Johann Moller

☆˜”*❊დ❊⁀˚✲.‿✲ Be Blessed Beloved of Yah ✲‿.✲˚⁀❊დ❊*”˜☆

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Die Oliekruik



Dit is uiters belangrik dat ons weet presies wat die Skrif ons leer oor WAT of WIE hierdie OLIE of SALF is waarsonder ons vandag nie kan lewe nie.

Ek is oortuig dat die OLIE (Shemen) wat die vyf wyse maagde gehad het, en die vyf dwase maagde nie gehad het nie, is die Houer / Oliekruik (Sy Naam) waarin die eintlike OLIE (Salwing of Ruach) geberg word. Onthou dat hierdie gelykenis deur Yahusha vertel was met betrekking tot hierdie laaste dae waarin ons leef, terwyl ons met opgewondenheid wag vir Sy wederkoms. Die dwase maagde het gedink hulle het olie gehad. Hulle het waarskynlik ‘n kruik gehad met olie daarin – ‘n kruik (die naam Jesus?) met galsterige olie (‘n ander gees?) wat nie geskik is en dus nie sou brand en lig verskaf in die hart van ‘n gelowige nie. Wat leer die Skrif ons van die lamp wat elke maagd in haar besit gehad het?

Die gees (hart) van die mens is ‘n lamp van YaHuWaH,
dit deursoek al die kamers van die binneste.
(Spreuke 20:27)

Want U laat my lamp skyn;
YaHuWaH my Elohiem laat my duisternis opklaar.
(Psalm 18:29)

Die lamp kan slegs skyn (deur YaHuWaH aangesteek word) as die maagd die ware Oliekruik van die Bruidegom se Naam besit. Hierdie Kruik sal nooit leeg raak nie. Lees gerus die verhaal van die weduwee en hoe die profeet Elia (Eliyahu – my Magtige is YaHuWaH) geprofiteer het dat die OLIE (Ruach) in haar Kruik (die Naam Yahusha) nooit sou opdroog nie. Hierdie OLIE het vir haar en haar gesin voorsien van voedsel (Brood van die Woord) in die tyd van hongersnood, van beskerming, van genesing en van lewe. (1Konings 17)

Hierdie weduwee het die regte Oliekruik (Naam) gehad met die regte OLIE (Ruach) daarin. Sy het die Naam van Elohiem (die Almagtige) geken en het dit met vrymoedigheid gebruik. Die profeet het nie eers nodig gehad om dit vir haar te leer nie. Toe hy by haar opdaag het sy hom dadelik herken as die profeet van YaHuWaH, en Sy Naam het oor haar lippe gevloei. (v12). Maar in haar denke was YaHuWaH die profeet se Elohiem en nie hare nie. Daarom het sy geen benul gehad van die krag van hierdie Naam en die Salwing (OLIE) wat dit bevat nie. Dit is die waarheid wat die profeet vir haar moes leer. Dit is dieselfde waarheid wat die Ruach (Gees) vir die potensiale bruid in hierdie dae ook wil leer. Gaan ek en jy, liewe leser, wyse maagde wees, of dwase maagde wat onleerbaar is?

Yahusha (Die Naamdraer, Joh.5:43) het hierdie gelykenis vertel as ‘n ernstige waarskuwing aan ons wat lewe in die laaste dae. Feit is, net 50% van die maagde was gereed. Hulle was nie gereed omdat hulle die Torah onderhou het nie. Hulle was gereed omdat hulle die regte Kruik met Olie gehad het. Hierdie OLIE brand dan in die lamp van ons harte en verlig die Torahpad vir ons. Sonder Sy Ruach het ons geen LIG om die nou Torahpad te sien sodat ons daarop sal bly nie.

Ons weet dat volgens Hooglied is die Bruidegom se Naam die Kruik met die OLIE daarin.

Laat Hy my kus met kusse van Sy mond;
Want U liefde is kosteliker as wyn.
U SALF / OLIE (Shemen) is aangenaam van geur,
U Naam (Shem) is SALF / OLIE (Shemen) wat uitgegiet is;
Daarom het die maagde U lief.

Ons Afrikaanse vertaling het die woord “soos” bygevoeg. Ek het dit hierbo uitgelaat want dit is nie in die Hebreeus van Hooglied 1:3 nie. Dus is die Bruidegom se Naam letterlik die SALF of OLIE. Met ander woorde, daar kan geen OLIE (Ruach) wees sonder die KRUIK wat dit bevat nie. (Joh.14:26). Daarom kan ons nie verwag dat as ons ‘n “ander naam” of oliekruik saamdra op ons geestelike lewenspad, dat Ruach daardie onrein olie sal gebruik om ons lampe te laat brand nie.

Dit is insiggewend dat die Hebreeuse woord Shem (Naam) en die woord Ruach (Gees) dieselfde numeriese waarde van 34 het.

SHIN 21, MEM 13 = 34
RESH 20, UAU 6, CHET 8 = 34

Mashiach (Messias) se Naam en Sy Gees is dus sinoniem soos Hoog.1:3 ons ook leer. As Sy Naam uitgegiet word (gespreek word met liefde, eerbied en vertroue vanuit ‘n gelowige hart), dan word Sy Ruach saam uitgegiet. Dit is waarom dit so belangrik is om Sy ware Naam te ken en dus met Hom, intiem te wees.

Olie is iets wat onmoontlik is om te berg sonder ‘n houer. Dit bly binne in die houer of oliekruik totdat dit benodig word. Die profeet Shemuel (Naam van ons EL), toe YaHuWaH hom gestuur het om vir Dawied (Geliefde) te SALF as die nuwe koning van Yisra’El, het hy die oliekruik (horing) saam met hom geneem. Dit was YaHuWaH se opdrag aan hom. En toe Hy die toekomstige koning vir hom uitwys, het Shemuel hom geSALF.

Kom ons lees drie vêrse van daardie wonderlike gebeurtenis:

Daarna sê YaHuWaH aan Shemuel:
Hoelank sal jy treur oor Saul, terwyl Ek
hom verwerp het om koning te wees oor Israel?
VUL JOU HORING MET OLIE (Shemen) en gaan heen.
Ek stuur jou na Isai, die Betlehemiet, want Ek het
onder sy seuns vir My ‘n koning uitgesoek.

En YaHuWaH sê: Staan op, SALF hom, want dit is hy.
Shemuel neem toe die HORING met OLIE en SALF hom te midde van sy broers,

Dawied het sy geliefde Psalm 23 begin met die Naam: YaHuWaH is my Herder, niks sal my ontbreek nie… As gevolg van die Ruach binne in die Naam kan hy sê: Hy lei my in die spore van geregtigheid (Torah) om Sy Naam ontwil. v3. Hy bely dat in hierdie gevaarlike wêreld vol van vyande wat sy ondergang soek, sal hy nie vrees nie: Want U is met my… v4. Hy fees te midde van sy vyande. Al hierdie seëninge net omdat sy hoof gesalf is met OLIE (Ruach) binne in die Naam. U maak my hoof vet met OLIE, my beker loop oor. v5

Die Houer, Kruik of Horing waarin die OLIE van YaHuWaH se Ruach geberg word, is die Naam van Yahusha. Dit is uiters belangrik dat ons hierdie waarheid moet verstaan, met ons hele hart sal aanvaar, en dit dan daagliks sal toepas.

Maar die Trooster, die Heilige Gees (Ruach),
wat die Vader (binne) IN My Naam sal stuur, Hy sal julle
alles leer en sal julle herinner aan alles wat Ek vir julle gesê het.

Ek is van mening dat die vyf dwase maagde ook oliekruike met olie gehad het. Maar dit was nie die regte Kruik (Naam) nie, en dus ook ‘n ander gees wat nie in die lamp van die hart kon brand om suiwer LIG te verskaf nie. ‘n Vreemde naam is ook vreemde reukwerk. Dit word baie ernstig deur Torah verbied om vreemde reukwerk te offer op YaHuWaH se altaar, (Ex.30:9). Aaron se twee seuns het vreemde reukwerk geoffer en daarvoor gesterf, (Lev.10:1).

In Hernieude Verbond konteks word ons vermaan:

Laat ons dan gedurig deur Hom (Yahusha) aan Elohiem (YaHuWaH)

Ons kan nie, ons durf nie, aan Hom ‘n lofoffer bring deurdat ons ‘n valse naam vereer nie. Die naam Jesus is vreemde reukwerk! Dit is nie Sy Afrikaanse naam of Sy Engelse naam nie. ‘n Naam bly dieselfde in alle tale. Die naam wat dus deur die ganse Christendom vereer word is ‘n vreemde naam wat vreemde reukwerk meebring en ‘n Torah lewenswandel verag as wetties.

Die afgelope drie tot vier dekades is die Ruach dwarsoor die wêreld besig om die leuen van hierdie vreemde reukwerk te ontbloot, en om die lieflike geur van Sy ware Naam te openbaar. Laat ons ons lampe volmaak met die OLIE (Shemen) – die kragtige en kosbare Naam van ons Mashiach (die Gesalfde) Yahusha.

Ek sluit af. Te laat het die vyf dwase maagde besef dat hulle nie intieme kennis gehad het met die Bruidegom se Naam en dus met Hom nie. Hulle kon nie hierdie kennis op daardie laat stadium by die vyf wyse maagde kry nie. Die vyf wyse maagde kon ook nie, al wou hulle hoe graag, hulle intieme kennis deel nie. Dit is onmoontlik. Jy kan nie jou leefwyse vir iemand gee nie. Jy kan dit wel met hulle mondelings deel. Maar elkeen moet hulle eie leefwyse ontwikkel en uitlewe. Die Naam Yahusha moet elke gelowige se eie leefwyse word. Sonder dit sal ‘n persoon, al het hy / sy die Torahpad probeer stap, die onsettende woorde hoor: Voorwaar Ek sê vir julle, Ek ken (is nie intiem met) julle nie… Mat.25:12.

Om ‘n persoon werklik te ken, beteken dat jy ook sy naam sal ken. Hoeveel kosbare gelowige mense wil niks weet van die Naam wat die Gees besig is om weer oor die wêreld heen bekend te stel nie? Hoe onsettend tragies!

Spreek Die Waarheid In Liefde

Hierdie artikel is geskryf deur ons geliefde broer Johann Moller van Suid Afrika.

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The Oil Jar



It is most important for believers to know what Scripture teaches about WHAT or WHO this OIL or OINTMENT is. For it is a spiritual element without which we cannot live in this day and age.

I am convinced that the OIL (Shemen) that the five wise virgins possessed, and that the five foolish virgins did not possess was the Jar / Container (His Name) in which the actual OIL (Anointing or Spirit) was stored. Remember that Yahusha told this parable with regard to these last days in which we are living today. The foolish virgins thought they had oil. They most probably did have some oil in a jar or cruse – (the name Jesus?) with some rancid oil (another spirit or anointing) in it that was not suitable, and would therefore not burn and provide light in the believer’s heart. What does Scripture teach about this lamp?

The spirit (heart) of a man is the lamp of YaHuWaH,

searching all his inmost parts.

(Proverbs 20:27)

For You Yourself light my lamp

YaHuWaH my Elohim enlightens my darkness

(Psalm 18:28)

A believer’s lamp will only be lit by YaHuWaH if it is filled with the OIL that comes from the Jar of the Bridegroom’s Name. This Jar will never become empty. Please read the account of the widow and how the prophet Elijah (Eliyahu – my Mighty One is YaHuWaH) prophesied that the OIL (Ruach) in her Jar (the Name Yahusha) would never dry up. This OIL sustained her and her family throughout the famine. It was also their protection, healing and source of life. (1Kings 17)

This widow had the right Jar (the Name) with the right OIL (Ruach) therein. She knew the Name of Elohim and had the liberty to use it. The prophet did not need to teach her about it. When he came to her she recognized him as the prophet of YaHuWaH, and His Name flowed through her lips. (v12). But in her thinking, YaHuWaH was the prophet’s Elohim, not hers. Therefore she had no idea of the power and authority of this Name and the anointing (OIL) it contained. This was the TRUTH that the prophet would teach her during his sojourn in her home. It is the same TRUTH that the Ruach (Spirit) is in the process of teaching the potential Bride in these last days. Are you and I, dear reader, going to be wise or foolish and unteachable virgins?

Yahusha (The Name Bearer, Joh.5:43) told this parable as a serious warning to us who are living in these last days. Fact is, only 50% of the bridesmaids were ready. They were prepared, not because they kept the Torah, but because they had the correct vessel (JAR) of OIL. This is the OIL (Ruach) that will burn in the lamp of our hearts to enlighten the narrow Torah Path for us. Without His Ruach there is no LIGHT in order for us to “see” the narrow Path and so remain on it.

We know, according to Song of Songs, the Bridegroom’s Name is the JAR of OIL.

Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth,
for Your loves are better than wine.
For fragrance Your oils are good.
Your Name is OIL poured forth,
Therefore the maidens love You.
(Songs 1:2-3)

The King James Version added the word “as”. I have left it out for it does not appear in the Hebrew of Songs 1:3. Therefore the Bridegroom’s Name is literally spiritual OIL or OINTMENT. In other words, there can be no OIL (Ruach) without the JAR that contains this Anointing of the Spirit. (John 14:26). If we carried with us on our spiritual journey “another name” or jar of oil, it would be most presumptuous of us to expect Ruach to use that rancid and unclean oil to burn in our lamps.

It is most significant that the Hebrew word Shem (Name) and the word Ruach
(Spirit) have the same numerical place-value of 34.

SHIN 21, MEM 13 = 34
RESH 20, UAU 6, CHET 8 = 34

Mashiach’s (Messiah) Name and His Spirit are thus synonymous as Songs 1:3 teaches. When His Name is poured forth (spoken with love, respect and trust out of a believing heart), then His Ruach will be poured forth at the same time. This is why it is so important to know and be on intimate terms with His true Name.

Oil is something that is impossible to store without a container. It stays inside its jar until it is needed. The prophet Shemuel (Name of our EL), when YaHuWaH sent him to ANOINT David (Beloved) as the new king of Yisra’El, he took a horn of oil with him. It was YaHuWaH’s specific instruction to him. When the future king was revealed to him, he ANOINTED him.

Let’s read three verses of that wonderful happening:
And YaHuWaH said to Shemuel,
How long will you mourn for Saul,
seeing I have rejected him from reigning
over Israel? FILL YOUR HORN WITH OIL, (Shemen)
and go, I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite:
for I have provided Me a king among his sons.

And YaHuWaH said, Arise, ANOINT him: for this is he.
Then Shemuel took the HORN of OIL, and ANOINTED him
in the midst of his brothers: AND THE RUACH (SPIRIT) OF YAHUWAH

David began his beloved Psalm 23 with the Name: YaHuWaH is my Shepherd, I shall want for nothing… As a result of the Ruach within the Name he can say: He leads me in the paths of righteousness (Torah) for His Name’s sake. He testifies that in this dangerous world full of enemies seeking his demise, he will not fear: For You are with me… He actually feasts with his Deliverer in the midst of his enemies. All these blessings just because his head was ANOINTED with OIL (Ruach) until his cup overflowed.

The Container, Jar or Horn in which the OIL of YaHuWaH’s Ruach is stored, is the Name of Yahusha, the Bridegroom. It is so important for us to understand this truth, to accept it with the whole heart, and above all to apply it every day.

But the Comforter, which is the Set-apart Spirit,
whom the whom the Father will send IN(side) My Name,
He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your
remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

I am of the opinion that the five foolish virgins did have jars of oil. But they did not have the right Jar representing the true Name, and therefore had another spirit that could not burn in the lamp of the heart to give pure LIGHT. A strange name is also strange incense. It was of course forbidden in Torah to offer strange incense upon the altar of YaHuWaH, (Ex.30:9). Aaron’s two sons offered “strange fire” on the altar, and died for this action, (Lev.10:1).

In Renewed Covenant context we are exhorted:
By Him (Yahusha) therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise
to Elohim (YaHuWaH) continually, that is, THE FRUIT OF

We cannot, we dare not, bring Him a sacrifice of praise by honouring a false name. The name Jesus is strange incense! It is not His English name. A name remains the same in every language. The name that is honoured throughout Christendom is a strange name that produces strange incense. It is a name that has caused the Torah walk to be despised as legalism.

During the past three to four decades, the Ruach has, throughout the world, been busy exposing the lie of this “strange incense”, while at the same time accelerating the revelation of the beautiful fragrance of His true Name. Let us fill our lamps with the OIL (Shemen) – the powerful, precious, Spirit-filled Name of our Mashiach (the Anointed One) Yahusha.

In conclusion, too late the five foolish virgins discovered that they did not have intimate knowledge of the Bridegroom’s Name and thus with Him. With horror they realized that they could not share in the wise virgin’s intimacy, even though they attempted to by asking them for some of their OIL. Neither could the wise virgins, though they wanted to, give away some of their own intimacy with the Name of the Bridegroom. It is impossible. A way of life cannot be shared. Yes, the truth of it can be shared verbally, but every individual believer must develop and live their own intimacy with the Bridegroom, through the guidance of the Ruach, in the authority of the Name of their Saviour. The Name of Yahusha must become every believer’s very own lifestyle. Without it a person, even though he or she may have attempted to walk the Path of Torah, will hear the terrible words: Truly I say unto you, I know (intimacy) you not… Mat.25:12.

To really and truly know a person, means to also know that person’s name. How many precious people are throwing away intimacy with the ONE who loves them so much, because they want nothing to do with the Name that His Spirit is in the process of restoring true knowledge of, throughout the world? How very tragic!

Speaking the truth in love

This article was written and shared with us by our beloved brother Johann Moller from South Africa.

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Krummels Van Die Meester Se Tafel


Die Oliekruik
Die gees (hart) van die mens is ‘n lamp van YaHUaH, dit deursoek al die kamers van die binneste. (Spreuke 20:27)
Want U laat my lamp skyn; YaHUaH my Elohiem laat my duisternis opklaar.
(Psalm 18:29)
Ons weet dat volgens Hooglied is die Bruidegom se Naam die Kruik met die OLIE daarin.
Laat Hy my kus met kusse van Sy mond; Want U liefde is kosteliker as wyn. U SALF / OLIE (SheMeN) is aangenaam van geur, U Naam (SheM) is SALF / OLIE (SheMeN) wat uitgegiet is; Daarom het die maagde U lief. (Hoog.1:2-3)