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Truth Defined


Truth Defined

Truth, what is it?
The word truth has about as many meanings as there are people on the planet. It seems that all people, down through the ages, in all walks of life, culture, race, age and religion, have pondered this one question and have at least formulated some idea as to what it means.
Remember, Yahusha was asked by Pilate, “what is truth?” Even if the question is not asked directly, people still form their beliefs either on the truth they perceive to be right, or the truth that someone else said was right.
No one seems to be able to define truth, because as soon as something is established as truth, the definition changes. Why does it change? Because the reality of one is a misconception of another. Truth is not truth if it changes. Truth is faithless if it changes. If truth changes, how does one know if the new change is correct? If the new change evolved from a previous definition of truth, then how does one know if that definition was absolute?
And without further delay….
Truth is defined as….
“The standard of authority, as set forth in the Name of YaHuWaH Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, by the breath of His Ruach; witnessed to Himself; the interpretation by Himself; brought forth of Himself; the Spoken and Written Word, Yahusha YaHuWaH, His only Son, through Whom the execution of His will and good purpose, without variation, established the boundaries of His eternal laws, instructions and commandments, all of which are inherent to the creation and sustainment of life.”
In short….
“….Your Word is truth”   (Yochanan 17:17)
Any attempt to define ‘truth’ outside the standard as set forth by YaHuWaH Elohim, will be discarded as a treasonous endeavor to usurp the authority of the Creator with ‘ideas’ that are merely relative to one’s own interpretation.
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10 Reason Why People Don’t Wear Tzitzits



10 Reasons why people don’t wear tzitzits

Through our conversing with different people and observations we have made, these are the top 10 reasons why tzitzits are not being worn….

1 – I did not know that was in scripture
2 – We are a different priesthood
3 – That is only for the Yehudi
4 – The Torah is written our heart, we no longer need a reminder
5 – We are in a new covenant
6 – I can’t wear them to work
7 – They will offend my family
8 – Well I see other people wearing them and the way they act is hypocritical
9 – We can’t get the right color of blue
10 – They are meant for prayer shawls

ABBA’s answer to all 10 excuses….