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The Secret Place…continued


A follow on to The Secret Place – a testimony of how to practically: dwell within the Secret Place of the Most High.

Just a quick recap.

1. What is this Place?
2. Where is it?

Answer 1:
The Name YaHuWaH. Literally.

Answer 2:
In the heart and mouth (literally).
i.e. Calling upon it in the day of trouble, or just speaking it with respect and love, in worship and praise every day.

With regard to answer 2, please think seriously about the following words of Yahusha, the Word of Elohim.

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth (speaks) that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil; for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Luke.6:45)

Ask yourself this very significant question:

What on earth can be a better treasure to pour forth out of one’s heart than our Creator’s Name? It is the literal or letter-formed (Word or The WORD) which is the SOURCE or FOUNTAIN of His loving blessings of deliverance, health, healing, protection, provision and every other spiritual blessing that can be named. [Please read, memorize and meditate upon Yeshayahu 12 – only 6 short verses.]

Because of the fragrance of Your good ointments, Your Name is the Anointing (Authority, Power and Presence) poured forth, (spoken) therefore do the virgins love You. (Songs 1:3)

The very essence of evil, then, that religious men under the inspiration of their father the devil, have legislated upon the people of YaHuWaH, was to make this blessed Name ineffable (illegal to be uttered) and the speaking of it a capital offense worthy of death! 😡

Such religious audacity! And then they have the effrontery to proudly claim that not speaking the Name shows their great love and respect for it. This doctrine of Rabbinic Judaism totally contradicts what the Torah and the prophets teach. And yet many “Hebrew Roots” believers gullibly respect these religionists and also refuse to speak the precious Name.

The Amazing Torah Instruction that few bother to do.

And YaHuWaH spoke to Mosheh, saying, “Speak to Aharon and his sons, saying, ‘This is how you bless the children of Yisra’el. Say to them:
“YaHuWaH bless you and guard you;
YaHuWaH make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;
YaHuWaH lift up His face upon you, and give you shalom.’ ”

“Thus shall they put My Name on the children of Yisra’el, and I Myself shall bless them.” (Num.6:22-27)

Notice the simplicity of this Torah instruction. Any believer who knows the Name and can speak, can do it. Even the youngest believer physically and spiritually. Teach your 5 year old His true Name, and let them memorize verses 24 to 26 above, and: Out of the mouth of children and infants, He shall ordain strength… to put an end to the enemy. Ps.8:2.

Someone will say: “Yes but that instruction was for the Levitical priesthood.”

Well, Mashiach Yahusha came and established the Melchizedek Priesthood. (Heb.5:8). We who believe in Yahusha, our High Priest, are of that higher order of priests. He has made us a Kingdom of Priests unto His Father, Rev.1:6 & 1Pet.2:9. So we have the wonderful right and privilege to bless each other by literally putting His Name, through speaking it, upon each other.

Don’t you want to be absolutely certain that it is His one and only true Name that you use, and not one that the religious scholars that hold to the ineffable dogma, have deceived us with?

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Without Testing, Who Can Be Proven?



YaHuWaH is using hasatan right now to set up the world for one final fall, and we who will make it through to the end will truly be delivered. Why? Because we have received a love for the truth.

The act of being born from above (wholeness, deliverance) of our entire being is not completed at the beginning of our walk, but at the end of it. It is the stump that will remain to the end. Through all the fiery trials, deceptions and hate, though cut down, the stump will not be cut off. Without testing, who can be proven? If His purging fire does not come, who shall be refined? Fake deliverance only leads to apostasy. We are to examine ourselves. Is our deliverance fake or real? When the testing comes, we will know.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of hasatan, with all power and signs and wonders of falsehood, and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those perishing, because they did not receive the love of the truth, in order for them to be rescued. And for this reason Elohim sends them a working of delusion, for them to believe the falsehood, in order that all should be judged who did not believe the truth, but have delighted in the unrighteousness. But we ought to give thanks to Elohim always for you, brothers, beloved by the Master, because Elohim from the beginning chose you to be rescued – in set-apartness of Spirit, and belief in the truth unto which He called you by our Good News, for the obtaining of the esteem of our Master Yahusha Messiah.  2 Thessalonians 2:9-14

This is why it is beyond importance to embrace adversity, trials, sufferings, persecution and pain. How else will we know if our deliverance was something we acquired just to ‘get out of jail for free’ or if we received it because we truly wanted to switch Masters. Our deliverance must be tested for authenticity…and it will be whether we want it to be or not. It will all come down to this; what we truly believe will be made known through the coming shaking.

Truth is solid and will not be shaken. False belief systems, driven by hidden motives of selfishness, will be shaken, exposed and destroyed.

Without judgment there can be no deliverance. Messiah judged sin, and finding it wanting in the balances, He condemned it in His flesh. Messiah came to divide those who love the truth from those who do not. If Pharaoh’s heart wasn’t hardened, where would we be? If Sodom wasn’t destroyed, where’s our example of those who choose to live in wickedness? If Judas did not betray, where would we be? Evil may have entered the world to destroy man, yet evil will not have the last word. What was meant for evil, YaHuWaH will use (and is using) it for good; fulfilling His prefect plan and purposes.


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YHWH Is Not Punishing Us In The Wilderness


YHWH is not punishing us in the wilderness. He is preparing us. The desert is vital to the training us are receiving for where He plans to take us.

There are things YaHuWaH wants to take out and put into our lives in the desert. All of His children go there in some way or some time before coming to their promised land. In the desert, if we are willing and obedient, YaHuWaH strips us of the “Mitsrayim” (“Egypt”) that we’ve carried within us.

Ancient Hebrew definition for Be MiDBaR – I Wilderness: A place of order, a sanctuary (Strongs #4057: AHLB#: 2093 (h)).

Treasures given only in the desert. YaHuWaH writes on our hearts things we must have to be His servants in the places we are going. He builds in us what can’t be shaken.

Humility… We begin to learn about our weaknesses and motivations and how much we need a Him… to give favour to others because we need it so often ourselves…

Worth… How much YaHuWaH loves us… in the secret place, even when He is silent, we come to realize that He is there and listening…

To value leadership… How much value there is in counsel, covering, and confirmation.

Trust… How to trust YaHuWaH instead of striving and “reasoning” and coming up with our own plans and methods.. to be at rest because He is trustworthy..

Timing.. that YaHuWaH can’t be hurried.

Stability.. not to live in our emotions or under the circumstances but to become steady and at peace.

Scriptural sorrow and repentance… time to see what YaHuWaH is revealing about us and to turn from self-pity to abhorrence of sin…seeing that position, possession, places, and people are gifts, not Life itself…to turn to the Creator instead of the creature for fulfillment.. seeing the beings’ idols and tearing them down to build the altar of the Master.

YaHuWaH’s promises… what YaHuWaH promises to a repentant heart…what the good news of the Kingdom really is for us…getting what we “know” in our head down into a living reality in our heart and life.

Vision… to see beyond what the world says about us to what YaHuWaH says… to be positive because of who YaHuWaH is.. going beyond the “what about me?’s..”

Warfare… how to stand…how to use the word… how to choose what pleases Him.

Purpose… to set our heart on Him and His plans that are eternal, which won’t wear out.. Not to live for ourselves any more, but for Him.

Compassion… learning to listen before speaking.. caring for someone else along the road.. to bear YaHuWaH’s heart for others.

Perseverance… continuing to do what’s right when no one but YaHuWaH is watching… like weight training repetitions, over and over and over…

Fearing Elohim and no longer man… putting priorities in the right places…caring more about honoring YaHuWaH and receiving His approval than anyone else’s.. resulting in freedom from control, manipulation, intimidation, praise, and rejection

Dependence and obedience… We learn to obey YaHuWaH right away in all that He says…If He doesn’t take us there, we don’t want to go… if He doesn’t provide it, we don’t want it… if we need it, He Himself will give it to us in His own way at the best time..

Contentment… because we have received the deepest longing of our hearts…relationship with Him, intimacy with Him, trusting dependence on Him… completeness in Him… focus on bringing pleasure to YaHuWaH, not self.


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The Secret Place


The Secret Place

He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

This is the well-known first verse of the famous Psalm 91 that every believer claims for him or herself. The problem is that very few understand the condition that comes along with this portion of Scripture in order to be a recipient of the total protection offered by it.

The condition is not the Secret Place (Hiding Place as some translations render it), but rather the act of dwelling or abiding (remaining) in it – the Place, not the psalm. The question is: How can a person remain hidden safely within this “Place” if they don’t know what it is or where it is? Over the years I have noticed that Christians, in general, think that Psalm 91 itself is this Place. They think that it is some kind of lucky charm or wand that they just need to wave and total protection is theirs. Have you ever seen a bumper sticker on a car proclaiming: THIS CAR IS PROTECTED BY PSALM 91?

These people have such a blind faith that that slogan on their car will protect it in their absence. Very often the car is their “idol” that gets much more attention in time and energy than they give their Maker. They have no idea of the delusion that they are living in. Thus they have no knowledge of what the Secret Place is, and how to practically dwell in it.

The Hebrew word translated “Secret Place” is SiTRaH. It is spelt with the four letters:

Samech = Support
Taw = Covenant Signature
Resh = Head/Principal
Hey = Window/Insight

The deeper meaning of this word, based on the meaning of each of its letters is that it is:

A place of absolute safety (refuge or hiding place), supported or guaranteed by the signed covenant of the Almighty, and revealed by Him to those fulfilling His covenant terms.

Having “faith” in Psalm 91 will not automatically protect anyone. It is the same as me having “faith” in a wealthy man’s Will, even though I am not an heir, and am not related to Him. Such “faith” no matter how sincere, is pure presumption.

Practically then, can a believer “hide” within this Place if he or she has no knowledge of it, in terms of the truth of what it is, and where it is? Can a believer claim the protection offered if he or she is not interested in observing the terms of the covenant? No! For then it is impossible to meet the conditions attached to the promises. This is exactly why the Almighty, speaking through the prophet Hosea, more accurately rendered as HUShA, said: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (4:6)

Having no knowledge of this Place means that a person will not be hidden from the enemy and will be in danger of being destroyed by him.

Before I return to the “Secret Place”, just a comment about the prophet that our translations call Hosea. His name is spelt with the four letters: Hey, Uau, Shin and Ayin, exactly the same as Mosheh’s successor before his name was changed to YaHUShA just by having the Yod added to it as a prefix, Num.13:16. The name HUShA, comes from the root word YaShA (H3467) and simply means: Deliverer or Saviour. Can you see the significance of this fact? Can you see the role played by our Saviour’s Name in Scripture, specifically in the TaNaK? This truth will never be seen by just reading our translations. But when we study the Hebrew text of Scripture, the Ruach will bring amazing gems of truth to light. Truths that confirm over and over again YaHUShA’s claim that Mosheh and the prophets wrote about Him. (Luke 24:27 & 44, John 1:45 & 5:46)

So in conclusion, let Scripture itself answer the two very important questions as to what exactly this Place is, and where it is to be found? The where is just as important, for you may know what it is, but without knowing its location, you cannot gain access to it.

1. What is this Secret Place?

The answer is one word: YaHuWaH.

Yes, that is the simple truth! Our Creator’s Name is literally the ultimate Place of protection for those who are in a covenant relationship with Him

The Name of YaHuWaH is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and is safe. (Pr.18:10)

The above verse explains the “what”, but the righteous also needs to know the “where” in order to be able to run into it.

YaHuWaH hear you in the day of trouble; the Name of the Elohim of Jacob defend you… (Ps.20:1)

This verse intimates very strongly the location of this Place in the word “hear”, which in Hebrew is SheMA. What exactly will He be listening for before His Name is sent to defend?

The second verse of psalm 91 confirms that the Name is this Place of protection that verse 1 describes as Secret – a Place where the believer is “hidden” from the enemy. Verse 2 also gives the answer as to where this Place (Name) is.

I will say of YaHuWaH, my refuge and my fortress: my Elohim; in Him will I trust.

His Name which represents Him, is my refuge and fortress. This is why outside of His Name (He only has one) there is no guarantee of protection. Neither is there any guarantee of protection in a false name no matter how precious it might be to you.

2. Where is it?

As close as your heart and mouth.

This is the wonder of this Hiding Place, it is so near to everyone who is walking in covenant with Him – I will SAY “YaHuWaH”…

Calling upon (saying) the Name in a time of emergency will only be an instantaneous action if speaking it out with love and respect on a daily basis has become a lifestyle. By this I mean that a person needs to be on intimate first name terms with the Saviour, thus with His precious Name.

Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him. I will set him on high because he knows My Name. He shall call upon Me and I will deliver him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation. (V.14-16)

Setting one’s love upon Him infers obedience, for YaHUShA said: If you love Me, keep My commandments. (John 14:25)

His Name is literally the Secret Place, and literally calling upon it with respect and love from out of a heart committed to His covenant in loving obedience, is its location. He has made it so simple for us. Praise His most Set-apart Name! 🙌🏻